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What is Lager

Lager is a giant improvement on the classic Serial Console. First, we took an end to end systems view of how engineers gather and process diagnostic and debug data. Based on that research, and our own experience developing hardware, we created a tool that makes it easier than ever for engineers to not only gather data from their devices, but also to store and analyze that data.
Lager is a three-part system: Dongle, Cloud, and Interface. Our wireless Dongle connects to your device-under-test (DUT) and is the gateway between you and your DUT. Our secure Cloud back-end manages communication between your browser and the Dongle, while also silently saving your data in an organized way. Finally, our browser-based serial console gives you all the tools you need to Interface with your DUT and analyze your data.

How Lager Works

Dongle 3

The Dongle
The Lager dongle is a WiFi bridge that lets you securely, and with very low latency, wirelessly stream data from your device-under-test (DUT) to your web based Serial Console.
You can connect your DUT to the Lager Dongle via UART (Full-Duplex, up to 500kbps), USB 2.0, or BLE 4.2. The Dongle is powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable battery and has a battery life of approximately 12 hours. Because the Dongle is battery powered, you can stream data from your DUT without being tethered to your computer. This allows for testing that more closely simulates real world scenarios.
Even though you no longer need to physically attach your computer to your DUT in order to send or receive data from it, the Dongle perfectly simulates the experience of having a live UART, USB or BLE connection through your computer.


Cloud Back-End
Our Cloud back-end is built using AWS infrastructure. When the Dongle is turned on, it automatically connects to the Lager back-end. This allows you to start sessions even if you are not on the same network as your DUT. In addition, it allows you to continue running tests even if you shutdown your computer.
The Cloud back-end also allows us to save and organize data for you, eliminating the need to save files locally. That said, your data is yours, and you can download your data whenever you want.

app terminal

Browser Serial Console
The Lager Data Serial Console is a browser-based application and works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. This eliminates the need to install native software, and also makes our console compatible with every major operating system. Because we realized getting the data is only half the story, we also created a parsing engine and added graphing functionality.
Our parsing engine can take any repeating sequence of bytes and parse it into a data structure defined by you. We also include math and statistical functions that can be used on the parsed data, increasing your ability to manage your data.
This data can then be easily graphed, allowing you to visualize your data without requiring any third party software.


For those of you who just want the specs, here you go!
- 12 to 14 hour battery life (1500 mAh LiPo internal battery)
- Charge over Micro B USB
- 802.11b/g/n WiFi chip for streaming data to the WebApp
- Connect to your device over: UART TTL (1.8V to 5V), USB 2.0 - Serial Class, or BLE 4.2
- Can buffer up to 128 kB of data from your Device in instances of intermittent WiFi
- Super low latency two-way connection between browser and your device (configurable for as low as 10ms latency, with speeds up to 500 kBaud over UART)
- Math toolkit with algebraic, trigonometric, and statistical functions. Many more coming soon!
- Data parser that displays raw data in a human readable format, eliminating the need for sprintf() and printf() in code.
- Graphing toolkit for visualizing data in 2D plots.
- Organize your data within Projects
- Data Search
- Create Shortcuts and Auto-responses to quickly interact with your device
- Compatible with all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge)