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For those of you who just want the specs, here you go!
- 12 to 14 hour battery life (1500 mAh LiPo internal battery)
- Charge over Micro B USB
- 802.11b/g/n WiFi chip for streaming data to the WebApp
- Connect to your device over: UART TTL (1.8V to 5V), USB 2.0 - Serial Class, or BLE 4.2
- Can buffer up to 128 kB of data from your Device in instances of intermittent WiFi
- Super low latency two-way connection between browser and your device (configurable for as low as 10ms latency, with speeds up to 500 kBaud over UART)
- Math toolkit with algebraic, trigonometric, and statistical functions. Many more coming soon!
- Data parser that displays raw data in a human readable format, eliminating the need for sprintf() and printf() in code.
- Graphing toolkit for visualizing data in 2D plots.
- Organize your data within Projects
- Data Search
- Create Shortcuts and Auto-responses to quickly interact with your device
- Compatible with all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge)