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Dongle 3

Embedded engineers: say hello to your new best friend.

Lager is a tool that makes it easy to collect debug and diagnostic data, store that data, and ultimately analyze / visualize it to make better decisions more quickly. The end result is a giant leap forward in the debugging process that lets you get back to doing what’s most important: killing bugs and verifying performance. Our mission is to support hardware teams around the world so they can get their products to market faster, with less frustration, and with as few bugs as possible.

Lager Dongle

Cut the cord. Our dongle connects to your device and allows you to stream your data anywhere. Also, it is blazingly fast.

Lager Cloud

Clean up that desktop. Lager stores your data safely and securely in a robust AWS infrastructure.

Lager Webapp

Say goodbye to outdated interfaces. Our app allows you to quickly, easily, and beautifully analyze and visualize your data with our math toolbox.

Benefits to Engineers

Lager takes away all the issues with classic serial consoles.

No more:

  1. Fighting with Serial-to-USB drivers
  2. Tangled wires between your device and your computer
  3. Wire harnesses that make it impossible to test in a realistic environment
  4. Firehose of data directly onto your desktop causing test files to pile up without any organization
  5. Figuring out how to import giant files into Excel, or dealing with MatLab licenses

Benefits to Businesses

We want to help you launch on time with fewer bugs and happier engineers.

For technology products that only have an 18 to 24 month lifetime before a better, more advanced product comes along, every day you delay shipping costs you millions in sales. Likewise, every bug you miss, often caused by your rush to market, costs you in returned product, engineering time, and bad press. Lager gives engineers a tool that makes it easier than ever to validate performance and find (and squash) bugs. For you this means stable products and an on-time launch.